Episode Clips
04 Sep 1967Out-take from filming for The Abominable Snowmen

The Second Doctor vs the Great Intelligence! :
Can the Doctor survive against one of his oldest foes?

An Abominable Confrontation!:
The Second Doctor and Jamie face the Yeti in the new animation of 'The Abominable Snowmen',

Killer Yeti Attack!:
When the Yeti attack!

Credit: BBC Studios 

The Abominable Snowmen Teaser:
he missing adventure 'The Abominable Snowmen' will return in 2022 as an animation!

Credit: BBC Studios 

Original film insert from Episode 2 of The Abominable Snowmen, in which Deborah Watling slips as she goes out of shot.

LinkCredit: endofthelane1 on YouTube