Episode Clips

The Human Species
What's happened to the human species? The Fourth Doctor reveals all in his famous speech about homo sapiens from the 1975 story The Ark In Space

A Space Station Mystery
As Sarah Jane recovers from oxygen deficiency, Harry and the Doctor investigate the mystery of bitten cables on the space station...

Making a Deal with the Wirrn
Trapped by the Wirrn and running out of options, the Doctor reaches out to Noah's mind in the hopes of reasoning with him.../p>

The Indomitable Human Race
Harry and the Doctor explore the space station - and learn that even in the far-flung future, human beings have a knack for survival.

Trapped by the Wirrn!
As Sarah Jane moves through the service conduits to escape the Wirrn, she gets stuck! Luckily the Doctor is skilled in reverse psychology...

Attacking the Grub
The Wirrn, including the slowly mutating Noah, begin their advance on the humans - can the Doctor stop them?

We Shall Absorb the Humans
As the Wirrn takes over Noah's mind, the Doctor goes looking for him - and some answers...

The Wirrn Infection
As the Doctor works out the source of the larvae, Noah's infection begins to spread!

Infected by the Grub?
After the ship's commander Noah stuns the Doctor, he has an unfortunate encounter with the thing that was growing in the solar collector...

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

The Ark in Space:
Relive some highlights of the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry's adventure aboard Space Station Nerva!

Credit: BBC Studios