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The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel
The Doctor takes a break on Earth, despondent that he can't find Clara.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

The Doctor meets modern Clara
The Doctor has retreated to a monastery in Cumbria in the year 1207 to contemplate the mystery of Clara Oswald. He is surprised to find the TARDIS exterior phone ringing, and answers it. On the other end is Clara, who is having some trouble with the internet. When Clara uses the phrase "Run you clever boy, and remember" as a mnemonic for her password, the Doctor realizes who she is. The Doctor immediately sets off to meet her in person.

The Doctor rides the Shard
An angered Doctor sets out to the Shard (the tallest building in the EU) on an anti-gravity motorbike and crashes it into Miss Kizlet's office. He demands that she release all the minds that have been uploaded, including Clara's, but Miss Kizlet refuses. The Doctor then reveals that he is still back at the café and that she was actually talking to the server that he had hacked which he then uses to upload Miss Kizlet to the network. Trapped in the network, she orders her subordinates to release everyone and Clara is restored. .

Credit: BBC Worldwide