Episode Clips - The Pandorica Opens
Episode Clips - The Big Bang

Amy vs Cyberman
Amy is at Stonehenge to discover more about the mysterious Pandorica, but a stray Cyberman has other plans for Amy! Who will help her escape?

All the Doctor's enemies have assembled in the sky above Stonehenge, poised to take the Pandorica. But the Doctor has something to say about that first..

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Hi honey, I'm home!
The Doctor, Amy and Rory flee to the rooftops when the Doctor notices something strange about the 'Sun' and the mysterious noise that emanates from it.

The second Big Bang
The Doctor explains to Amy how the crack in her bedroom wall has been eating away at her life, then straps himself into the Pandorica to create Big Bang 2.

Credit: BBC Worldwide