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While the Doctor finishes off some light repairs to Bessie, he and Jo discuss the possibility of magic existing. Then, without warning, Bessie drives off by herself!

Five rounds, rapid!
This time the Master has pulled out all the stops and summoned an ancient and all-powerful demon. He hopes the demon will give him his powers, but the Doctor can't allow this to happen. Can he persuade the demon round to his way of thinking or will the Master get his way?o

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Exclusive First Look
Actors Richard Franklin and Katy Manning reveal the influence the cast had on the script, and how open Barry Letts was to adding extra dimensions to the characters.

A stormy nights sky
Boasting some impressive location filming, the village of Aldbourne was the perfect setting of The Daemons. As the crew reveals however, attempting a stormy night scene can be quite problematic on a calm night. Journey behind the scenes to find out how the crew managed to ratchet up the atmosphere.

Exclusive First Look
Often cited as one of the best of the Third Doctor's storylines, The Daemons owes much of it's success to the great working relationship between Producer Barry Letts and Script Editor Terrance Dicks. In this DVD extra, cast and crew explain the friendship. See more of this on 'The Daemons' DVD.

Credit: BBC Worldwide