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The Enemy of the World: Trailer
Trailer for the newly-recovered and remastered Patrick Troughton Doctor Who episode The Enemy of the World. Unseen in the UK for 45 years, and formerly considered missing, The Enemy of the World sees Troughton play the dual-role of the Doctor and also Salamander - the "saviour of the world". Or is he... Also starring Frazer Hines as Jamie and Deborah Watling as Victoria. Buy now on iTunes


The Doctor goes for a swim
The Enemy of the World, episode 1 - 23 December 1967 Materialising on a beach in Australia, the Doctor is determined to go for a swim. Further off down the beach, sinister forces are watching his every move...

Will the Doctor become Salamander?
The Enemy of the World, episode 1 - 23 December 1967 2018: the Australasian Zone. The Doctor and his companions have been kidnapped by operatives Giles and Astrid. Recognising the power of having a double of world leader Ramon Salamander, they try to persuade the Doctor to work for them....

Salamander's secret bunker *SPOILERS*
The Enemy of the World, episode 4 - 13 January 1968 SPOILER ALERT! Deep beneath his research station lies Salamander's secret: a bunker, for controlling natural disasters - staffed by innocent scientists, who believe the world above has been destroyed by a nuclear disaster....


Special Feature
Doctor Who cast members and fans offer some recollections of 1968 serial 'The Enemy of the World', which has gone down in Doctor Who history as one of the 'lost' series - the master tapes were wiped, and only parts of it remain in the BBC archive. This clip is available as a DVD extra on the newly released DVD set of The Krotons.

Credit: BBC Worldwide