Jelly Baby
The TARDIS lands on a planet the Doctor doesn't recognise - but its inhabitants know him. They think he's the Evil One and aren't pleased to see him. Having stumbled across a local native, Leela, the Doctor causes a distraction so she can slip away, and in order to discover what's going on makes one simple request.

The Doctor Meets Leela
The Doctor lands on a strange planet and bumps into an exiled Human... called Leela.

The Doctor is the Evil One?
The Doctor is held captive, as the Savateem believe him to be the Evil One... until he escapes!

The Doctor Takes "the Test"
The Savateem decides to find out if the Doctor truly is the Evil One by subjecting him to their impossible test - but will he survive?

We are Xoanon
The Doctor, with the help of a Sevateem girl called Leela, manages to gain access to the ship in an attempt to wipe the additional personalities from Xoanon the computer.

The Phantoms Attack
The Doctor discovers where the voice of Xoanon is coming from, and enters the idol's face with Leela; meanwhile the Phantoms have crossed the barrier and are attacking the Savateem!

I AM the Doctor!
The Doctor confronts Xoanon, and the reflection of his personality that he left behind all those years ago.

Leela is Nearly Vaporised!
eela and The Doctor finally meet the mysterious Tesh, who plans to reduce Leela to atoms to study the Savateem!

Xoanon Defeated
Xoanon brainwashes the Savateem to thwart their efforts to defeat him - will the Doctor be able to overcome the rogue supercomputer?

Leela Enters the TARDIS
With Xoanon defeated and the Savateem and Tesh no longer at odds, Leela decides to run into the TARDIS!

Credit: BBC Worldwide