Summoned back to Gallifrey by a vision from The Matrix, the Doctor is drawn into a web of political intrigue and assassination. Nothing is quite what it seems, and in the shadows lurks his oldest and deadliest

The Doctor Returns to Gallifrey
After experiencing a grim premonition, The Doctor returns to Gallifrey - but may not find himself welcome.

The Doctor Assassinates the President!
Just before the President of Gallifrey is set to announce his successor, the Doctor shoots him down.

Who is the Master?
The Doctor revisits the scene of the crime - to find evidence of his old nemesis being involved.

The Doctor Enters the Matrix
The Doctor discovers the Master is to blame for his premonitions; so he enters the Time Lord Matrix to track him down.

The Doctor is Shot!
Whilst being hunted through the Time Lord Matrix, the Doctor takes a bullet to the arm!

Who is the Assassin?!
The Assassin has finally cornered the Doctor in the Matrix; but who is the cold-blooded killer?

The Master Plays Dead
The Doctor faces off against his oldest adversary to save Gallifrey and the Time Lords.

The Master vs the Doctor
The Master cunningly fakes his death, in order to gain access to The Time Lord President's personal artefacts.

Credit: BBC Studios