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Next Time

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Turn this up to eleven
The Doctor, Martha, and Tish chase Lazarus to the nearby Southwark Cathedral. The Doctor tries again to reason with Lazarus but is unable to stop him from transforming. Martha and Tish lure Lazarus to the top of the Cathedral's bell tower, and the Doctor manipulates the church's pipe organ to produce the maximum volume it can.

Inside Lazarus' Machine
Doctor Lazarus has created a device that appears to restore eternal youth. However, the process alters Lazarus for the worse. The Doctor explains that Lazarus's hideous transformation is the result of an evolutionary throwback locked away in dormant genes that are now becoming dominant..

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Mark Gatiss' Monster Mask
Mark Gatiss undergoes a 3 hour make up session to get into character for his role as Dr Lazarus in Doctor Who Series 3 episode The Lazarus Experiment.

Credit: BBC Worldwide