Watch the highlights of a classic Fourth Doctor story, The Masque Of Mandragora!

A case of energy squared
The Brethren attack the guests of the masked ball then begin to fulfill the final prophecy of Mandragora. Can the Doctor stop them?

Hieronymous shocks the Doctor
The Doctor confronts Hieronymous in the Brethren's temple. Hieronymous, addressing the Doctor as "Time Lord", attacks him with powers of Mandragora.

You can't count, Count!
In the Brethren's chamber the Helix energy attacks The Doctor. He leaves to find Giuliano fighting off the guards and joins in with a sword of his own. Giulianio is wounded, and suddenly, the Brethren emerge from the forest armed with staves and force the guards to retreat.

Powers undreamed of
The Brethren leader Hieronymous communicates with the Mandragora energy. It promises him powers undreamed of as supreme ruler of the Earth.

Sarah's Sacrifice
Sarah is to be sacrificed to Demnos, the Roman God of Moonlight and Solstice. Hieronymous and the Brethren begin the ceremony. Will The Doctor save her in time?

The Doctor and Sarah escape the Mandragora Helix
The TARDIS is temporarily captured by the Mandragora Helix, a spiral of energy with a controlling influence. Coming to rest at the centre of the Helix, The Doctor and Sarah venture outside the TARDIS, only to be attacked by a sparkling ball of energy.

Mandragora Energy
Contains flashing images. The Doctor regains consciousness after a confrontation with three hooded monks, only to find Mandragora energy has journeyed with him in the TARDIS and is now loose.