Watch the highlights of a classic Fourth Doctor story, The Hand of Fear!

Eldrad Appears!
After growing from just their hand, Eldrad appears from the nuclear reactor

Eldrad Must Live!
While the Doctor looks for answers in the nuclear power station, Sarah Jane appears to have gone mad, repeating "Eldrad must live"

The Doctor Hypnotises Sarah Jane
The Doctor attempts to snap Sarah Jane out of the trance Eldrad has trapped her in.

Welcome to the TARDIS
Eldrad persuades The Doctor to take her back to her home planet of Kastria.

Hail Eldrad... the King of Nothing!
The Doctor and Sarah Jane defeat Eldrad on his home Planet of Kastria.

Until we meet again Sarah
The Doctor receives a summons to return to Gallifrey and, as he cannot take Sarah there, endeavours to drop her off at her home. The TARDIS arrives at Hillview Road, South Croydon, and Sarah reluctantly disembarks with the assertion that travel does broaden the mind.

Credit: BBC Worldwide