15 Jun 2013BFI Q&A

Snap! Two Doctors Meet
In the cellar, Sontaran Stike threatens to kill Jamie unless the Sixth Doctor gets into the module and primes it with his symbiotic print. Stike is about to execute Jamie anyway, but Jamie stabs Stike's leg with a concealed knife, and the Doctor and he run off upstairs, where they find the Second Doctor. Before they can release the Second Doctor and escape the hacienda, however, Shockeye shows up with the unconscious Peri. The Second Doctor feigns unconsciousness while the others hide.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

The Two Doctors + Q&A
Actors Frazer Hines and Tony Selby, script editor and writer Eric Saward and special effects artist Mike Kelt discuss working on the classic BBC TV sci-fi series.

Credit: British Film Institute