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Charles Dickens and the Unquiet Dead
The TARDIS lands in Cardiff 1869. There The Doctor and Rose team up with none other than Charles Dickens as they deal with a funeral parlor where it seems that corpses have come to life.

"What's the rift?"
The Doctor believes that the strange events are caused by a rift in time and space.

Charles Dickens to the rescue
Rose and The Doctor face doom at the hands of the Unquiet Dead. Can Charles Dickens aid their escape?


Directing The Dead
Bringing the story to life with Doctor Who Director Euros Lyn.

Mark Gatiss
Writer Mark Gatiss tells us of his enthusiasm in approaching the story.

Phil Collinson
The Series Producer gives an overview of the entire production.

Credit: BBC 

Next time...
The Unquiet Dead trail.

Credit: BBC