Last updated 20 April 2016


World Premiere: Sat 1 Dec 2001 - 9:50pm GMT [BBC Radio 3] (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 55 minutes

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A group of six friends reunite fortheir annual Doctor Who convention. However, at this year's event it emerges that one of them is a traitor.Only one person might yet be able to save the day: "the Doctor".

BrianMichael Colgan
MartinMichelle Doherty
NeilRichard Dormer
ReporterRichard Dormer
TonyTim Loane
CiaranThomas Lappton
RachelJustine Mitchell
SelfSophie Aldred
SelfTom Baker
PolicemanAlan McKee
BarmanAlan McKee
Dr. WhoTom Baker
Production Team
WriterDaragh Carville
DirectorGemma McMullan