Last updated 15 December 2018

Doctor Who: Twitch Presents Doctor Who (2018)

Twitch Presents Doctor Who (2018)

Story Number: 269
No of Episodes: 7

Twitch (Miscellaneous Channels):
First Broadcast: Tuesday 29th May 2018 - Thursday 19th July 2018
Running Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes

Doctor What now? If that sounds like you, welcome! Doctor Who is a sci-fi cult classic TV series, which originally aired in 1963. It’s about a Time Lord and his companions who travel through space and time, going on adventures and saving the universe. We’re streaming 500 episodes of the original series, so you’ll catch on soon enough!

Catch eight hours of new episodes every day starting at 11AM PDT! Each block will repeat twice immediately after so you can catch all the Doctors, no matter where you are.