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The Doctor: The Caves of Androzani; The Twin Dilemma; Attack of the Cybermen; Vengeance on Varos; The Mark of the Rani; The Two Doctors; A Fix With Sontarans[Misc]; Timelash; Revelation of the Daleks; Slipback[Misc]; The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Mysterious Planet); The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp); The Trial Of A Time Lord (Terror of the Vervoids); The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Ultimate Foe); The Ultimate Adventure[Stage]Info; The Sirens of Time[BF]; Whispers of Terror[BF]; The Marian Conspiracy[BF]; The Spectre of Lanyon Moor[BF]; The Apocalypse Element[BF]; The Holy Terror[BF]; Bloodtide[BF]; Project: Twilight[BF]; The One Doctor[BF]; Real Time[Misc]; ...ish[BF]; The Sandman[BF]; Jubilee[BF]; Doctor Who and the Pirates[BF]; Project: Lazarus[BF]; Davros[BF]; Children in Need[Related]; The Wormery[BF]; Arrangements for War[BF]; Medicinal Purposes[BF]; The Juggernauts[BF]; Catch-1782[BF]; Thicker Than Water[BF]; Pier Pressure[BF]; The Nowhere Place[BF]; The Reaping[BF]; Year of the Pig[BF]; ID / Urgent Calls[BF]; The Wishing Beast /The Vanity Box[BF]; 100[BF]; The Condemned[BF]; Assassin in the Limelight[BF]; The Doomwood Curse[BF]; Brotherhood of the Daleks[BF]; The Raincloud Man[BF]; Patient Zero[BF]; Paper Cuts[BF]; Blue Forgotten Planet[BF]; City of Spires[BF]; The Wreck of the Titan[BF]; Legend of the Cybermen[BF]; The Crimes of Thomas Brewster[BF]; Peri and the Piscon Paradox[BF]; The Feast of Axos[BF]; Industrial Evolution[BF]; Recorded Time and Other Stories[BF]; Beyond the Ultimate Adventure[BF]; The Curse of Davros[BF]; The Fourth Wall[BF]; Wirrn Isle[BF]; The Acheron Pulse[BF]; The Wrong Doctors[BF]; Spaceport Fear[BF]; The Seeds of War[BF]; 1963: The Space Race[BF]; The Day of The Doctor (from archive recording); Antidote to Oblivion[BF]; The Brood of Erys[BF]; Scavenger[BF]; Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories[BF]; The Widow's Assassin[BF]; Masters of Earth[BF]; The Rani Elite[BF]; Last of the Cybermen[BF]; The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar(uncredited) (from archive recording)Info; Criss-Cross[BF]; Planet of the Rani[BF]; Shield Of The Jötunn[BF]; Vampire of the Mind[BF]; Order[BF]; Absolute Power[BF]; Quicksilver[BF]; Dimensions In Time[Misc] | as The Sixth Doctor: Destiny Of the Doctors[Games]
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Self: Children in Need[Related]; KTEH Specials[Factual]; 30 Years In The TARDIS[Factual]; A New Dimension[Factual]; Bringing Back the Doctor[Factual]Info; Aliens: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly[Factual]Info; TARDIS Tales[Factual]Info; I Get a Sidekick out of You[Factual]Info; Why on Earth?[Factual]Info; Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor[Factual]; The Doctors Revisited: The Sixth Doctor[Factual]; Doctor Who Explained[Factual]; Tales from the TARDIS[Factual]; The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot[Misc]; Doctor Who: The Ultimate Time Lord[Factual] | as "The Sixth Doctor": The Ultimate Guide[Factual] | as Celebrity: Celebrity Antiques Road Trip[Related] | as Contestant: Tipping Point: Lucky Stars[Related] | as Narrator: Bigger Inside Than Out[Factual] | as Participant: Celebrity Eggheads[Related]; Doctor Who: Best of Blue Peter(uncredited)[Factual] (from archive recording)
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Arnie Davies: The Airzone Solution[Other]
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Colin Baker
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Colin Baker

Born: Tue 8th June 1943 (age: 73)

Burnett Crowther

Colin Baker was born in London, and brought up in Rochdale. He was educated at St Bede's College, Manchester and originally studied to become a solicitor. At the age of 23, Baker enrolled at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

In 1972, Colin Baker played Anatole Kuragin in a BBC serial adaptation of War and Peace. His most famous role in the 1970s was as the villainous Paul Merroney in the drama The Brothers. Baker guest starred as Bayban the Butcher in a 1980 episode of Blake's 7 and in 1983, he acted in a BBC production of A.J. Cronin's The Citadel. .

Baker made his first appearance in Doctor Who as Commander Maxil in the story Arc of Infinity (1983). The appearance brought him to the attention of producer John Nathan-Turner who was looking for a successor to Fifth Doctor Peter Davison and who cast Baker in the role of the Sixth Doctor.

Baker's reign was interrupted by a long 18 month hiatus which was announced in February 1985, mid-way through transmission of his first full season. During the period off air a radio story Slipback, aired on BBC Radio Four. After the hiatus, the programme returned for its 23rd season in the autumn of 1986 featuring a 14 episode long serial The Trial of a Time Lord. .Later that year Baker was dismissed from the role at the insistence of BBC management, who wanted to refresh the show. 

He was removed from the part after starring in only eleven stories and just under three years in the part. Despite the circumstances of his leaving Baker remains enthusiastic about his time as the Doctor. He is a regular at conventions and fan events and has returned to the role of the 6th Doctor in numerous audio stories and webcasts. 

He played the Doctor again for the second half of the run of the 1989 stage play Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure, as well as in the 1993 charity television special Dimensions in Time. He also played a Doctor-like character in the BBV video series The Stranger, as well as a standalone BBV drama entitled The Airzone Solution, and has reprised the role of the Doctor in a series of audio plays produced by Big Finish Productions. 

Later television work during the 1990s included guest appearances in the BBC's medical drama Casualty, Channel 4's adaptation of A Dance to the Music of Time and as himself as the resident celebrity in 'Dictionary Corner' on the daytime quiz show Countdown, also on Channel 4. He has also appeared in operetta, starring in the Carl Rosa Opera Company's production of H.M.S. Pinafore in the principal comedian's role of Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B. 

In 2010, Baker played the part of Inspector Morse in the new stage play House of Ghosts. Baker has also appeared Candy Jar Books' comedy sci-fi audiobook Kangazang, written by Terry Cooper. Released in August 2010, Colin not only narrated the story but also provided voices for several characters.

After the death of his infant son Jack in 1983, Baker became active in increasing the profile of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. He raised funds for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, and was a Trustee from 1989 and their Chairman between 1997 and 2005. His second wife is actress Marion Wyatt and the couple reside in Buckinghamshire with their four daughters.