On This Day (USA) - 23 July

Pippa Bennett-Warner will be 35 - 6 credits, including Saibra in Time Heist

Pippa Bennett-Warner is a RADA-trained actress, born in Banbury, Oxfordshire and brought up in Northamptonshire.

Her first role occured when she was eleven, playing the young Nalas in the first London production on The Lion King. This was followed by an appearance in Holby City and then as Lenny Henry's daughter in Lenny Henry in Pieces before in 2006 she played Emmie Thibodeaux in Caroline, of Change, a role that earned her a nomination for The Stuart Phillips London Newcomer of the Year (other nominees included Andrew Garfield).

In 2007 she entered RADA, graduating in 2010. That year also saw her in the play Ruined, a Sky Arts play Crocodile, and then into King Lear to play Cordelia, alongside Sir Derek Jacobi. She also appeared on television  in Come Fly With Me and Case Histories. After King Lear she went on to play a role written for her by D.C. Moore in The Swan, followed by a part in Lewis and then back to the theatre for Richard II, and thenThe Witness, which led to a nomination in 2012 for Best Actress in The Evening Standard Theatre Awards. She was also listed as one of the 1000 Most Influential Londoners by the newspaper in the same year.

Cheryl Hall will be 73 - credited as Shirna in Carnival Of Monsters

Cheryl Hall is a British actress, best known for playing the role of Shirley, the girlfriend of Wolfie Smith in the British sitcom Citizen Smith.

She played Shirna in the Third Doctor story Carnival Of Monsters

She also appeared in Dear Mother, Love Albert playing Rodney Bewes' screen girlfriend. She played an inmate in one episode of Within These Walls (1974). She also had small roles in EastEnders .Film appearances included the Avarice segment of The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins.

Brian McDermott (died 2003 aged 69) would be 89 - credited as Sheard in Time-Flight

Brian McDermott played Sheard in the Doctor Who story Time-Flight.

Also worked on White Collar BlueThe PactInspector Gadget 2Dirty DeedsAll SaintsBackBernerZoeKomodoBabylon 5Born FreeMurder CallSnide and PrejudiceIn Pursuit of HonorAgatha Christie: PoirotMaryThe 10 PercentersTime TraxOfficial DenialThis Won't Hurt a BitKYTVPolice RescueBonjour la ClassePhoenixSweet TalkerThe Upper HandAbout FaceThe PunisherFields of Fire IIIA Country PracticeThe Clean MachineFor Queen & CountryTickets for the TitanicCall Me MisterComradesC.A.T.S. EyesLytton's DiaryThe Last BastionMinderOn the RunBergeracThe Coral IslandScales of JusticeJuliet BravoCrosstalkWith PrejudiceHoodwinkPriest of LoveThe Gentle TouchThe ProfessionalsSkywaysRide on StrangerLes MiserablesTargetThe SweeneyDixon of Dock GreenCrazeArmchair TheatreColditzMenaceZ CarsSpyder's WebLove StoryPublic EyeGradyThe Main ChancePaul TempleDivision 4HomicideRiptideBig Breadwinner HogDepartment SHunterThis Way for MurderThe TroubleshootersSoftly SoftlyThe Man in Room 17The SaintThe VillainsDetectiveMelissaThe Edgar Wallace Mystery TheatreRichard the LionheartHarpers West OneFlame in the StreetsPayrollBBC Sunday-Night PlayThe Four Just MenBoyd Q.C.Deadline MidnightProbation OfficerNo Hiding PlaceITV Play of the WeekCrime SheetITV Television PlayhouseStarr and CompanyTales from Dickens

Michael Dillon (died 2006 aged 80) - credited as Dalek Operator in Dr Who and the Daleks(Aaru)

Also known as Mick Dillon.