Ratings Guide

Episode TitleDateTimeLength⇩ RatingShareAIChart
1City of Death: Part FourSat20 Oct 19796:16pm00:25:0016.10m6416
2City of Death: Part ThreeSat13 Oct 19796:04pm00:25:0015.40m34
3Destiny of the Daleks: Episode FourSat22 Sep 19796:17pm00:26:0514.40m6427
4City of Death: Part TwoSat6 Oct 19796:17pm00:25:0014.10m6444
5Destiny of the Daleks: Episode ThreeSat15 Sep 19796:08pm00:24:3213.80m6328
6The Ark In Space: Part TwoSat1 Feb 19755:30pm00:24:4913.60m5
7The Web PlanetSat13 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:5713.50m567
8Voyage of the DamnedTue25 Dec 20076:51pm01:11:5013.31m51.6%852
9The Next DoctorThu25 Dec 20086:00pm01:00:4013.10m52.1%862
10The Robots of Death: Part ThreeSat12 Feb 19776:18pm00:23:5113.10m15
11The Romans: The Slave TradersSat16 Jan 19655:40pm00:24:1413.00m537
12The Rescue: Desperate MeasuresSat9 Jan 19655:41pm00:24:3613.00m598
13The Web Planet: Crater of NeedlesSat6 Mar 19655:39pm00:25:5013.00m499
14The Deadly Assassin: Part ThreeSat13 Nov 19766:07pm00:24:2013.00m12
15Destiny of the Daleks: Episode OneSat1 Sep 19796:13pm00:24:0313.00m6728
16The Day of The DoctorSat23 Nov 20137:50pm01:16:4412.80m40.9%881
17Destiny of the Daleks: Episode TwoSat8 Sep 19796:09pm00:25:1412.70m39
18The Robots of Death: Part FourSat19 Feb 19776:25pm00:23:4212.60m5718
19The Web Planet: Escape to DangerSat27 Feb 19655:40pm00:22:5212.50m5311
20The Web Planet: The ZarbiSat20 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:2012.50m5312
21The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The DaleksSat28 Nov 19645:41pm00:24:1912.40m5910
22The Dalek Invasion of Earth: FlashpointSat26 Dec 19645:58pm00:25:2112.40m6012
23The Robots of Death: Part TwoSat5 Feb 19776:22pm00:24:1512.40m17
24The Power of Kroll: Part TwoSat30 Dec 19786:30pm00:23:5712.40m26
25City of Death: Part OneSat29 Sep 19796:06pm00:25:0012.40m50
26The End of Time: Part TwoFri1 Jan 20106:41pm01:12:3512.27m40.0%891
27A Christmas CarolSat25 Dec 20106:01pm01:02:0412.11m41.8%834
28The Deadly Assassin: Part TwoSat6 Nov 19766:04pm00:24:4412.10m5911
29The Android Invasion: Part ThreeSat6 Dec 19755:46pm00:24:5012.10m14
30The Robots of Death: Part OneSat29 Jan 19776:20pm00:24:0612.10m6214
31The End of Time: Part OneFri25 Dec 20095:59pm00:59:3512.04m44.7%871
32The Rescue: The Powerful EnemySat2 Jan 19655:40pm00:26:1512.00m5711
33The Web Planet: InvasionSat13 Mar 19655:40pm00:26:0412.00m4812
34The Romans: InfernoSat6 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:0912.00m5013
35The Hand Of Fear: Part FourSat23 Oct 19766:02pm00:25:0012.00m19
36The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Day of ReckoningSat5 Dec 19645:39pm00:26:5011.90m5910
37The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The End of TomorrowSat12 Dec 19645:40pm00:23:2311.90m5911
38The Three Doctors: Episode FourSat20 Jan 19735:51pm00:25:0711.90m17
39The Android Invasion: Part OneSat22 Nov 19755:47pm00:24:2111.90m5817
40The Deadly Assassin: Part FourSat20 Nov 19766:07pm00:24:3011.80m6112
41The Deadly Assassin: Part OneSat30 Oct 19766:09pm00:21:1311.80m15
42The Face of Evil: Part FourSat22 Jan 19776:26pm00:24:4611.70m6019
43Pyramids of Mars: Part FourSat15 Nov 19755:45pm00:24:5211.70m6022
44Underworld: Part FourSat28 Jan 19786:29pm00:23:0311.70m27
45The Web Planet: The CentreSat20 Mar 19655:55pm00:24:3211.50m4214
46The Romans: All Roads Lead to RomeSat23 Jan 19655:40pm00:23:1411.50m5115
47The Seeds of Doom: Part SixSat6 Mar 19765:47pm00:21:5111.50m15
48The Dalek Invasion of Earth: World's EndSat21 Nov 19645:40pm00:23:4211.40m6312
49The Android Invasion: Part FourSat13 Dec 19755:56pm00:24:3011.40m15
50The Seeds of Doom: Part OneSat31 Jan 19766:00pm00:24:1011.40m5916
51The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The Waking AllySat19 Dec 19645:40pm00:24:2911.40m5818
52The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part FourSat19 Mar 19776:31pm00:24:3011.40m6021
53The Invasion of Time: Part TwoSat11 Feb 19786:24pm00:25:0011.40m29
54The Seeds of Doom: Part TwoSat7 Feb 19765:31pm00:24:0911.40m30
55Galaxy 4: Air LockSat25 Sep 19655:52pm00:24:1911.30m5413
56Pyramids of Mars: Part TwoSat1 Nov 19755:48pm00:23:5311.30m15
57The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part OneSat26 Feb 19776:32pm00:24:4411.30m16
58The Face of Evil: Part ThreeSat15 Jan 19776:22pm00:24:4011.30m5920
59The Android Invasion: Part TwoSat29 Nov 19755:45pm00:24:3011.30m24
60The Ark In Space: Part ThreeSat8 Feb 19755:32pm00:24:0511.20m17
61The Invasion of Time: Part OneSat4 Feb 19786:25pm00:25:0011.20m5628
62The Time of the DoctorWed25 Dec 20137:30pm01:01:0011.14m35.3%833
63The Face of Evil: Part TwoSat8 Jan 19776:29pm00:24:5811.10m19
64The Hand Of Fear: Part ThreeSat16 Oct 19766:07pm00:24:2211.10m6220
65The Seeds of Doom: Part FourSat21 Feb 19765:46pm00:24:4611.10m23
66Planet of the Daleks: Episode OneSat7 Apr 19736:11pm00:24:5111.00m9
67The Sontaran Experiment: Part OneSat22 Feb 19755:30pm00:24:2711.00m18
68Carnival Of Monsters: Episode TwoSat3 Feb 19735:50pm00:24:1111.00m20
69The Curse of Peladon: Episode TwoSat5 Feb 19725:51pm00:24:3311.00m20
70Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Part OneSat12 Jan 19745:30pm00:25:2911.00m6224
71Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Part ThreeSat26 Jan 19745:30pm00:23:2611.00m27
72The Woman Who Fell to EarthSun7 Oct 20186:45pm01:03:0410.96m45.1%831
73The Invasion of Time: Part FourSat25 Feb 19786:25pm00:23:3110.90m28
74RoseSat26 Mar 20057:00pm00:44:1410.81m44.8%767
75The Three Doctors: Episode TwoSat6 Jan 19735:51pm00:24:1810.80m22
76The Creature from the Pit: Part TwoSat3 Nov 19796:07pm00:24:0310.80m6723
77Robot: Part OneSat28 Dec 19745:35pm00:24:1110.80m5325
78The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeSun25 Dec 20116:59pm00:58:2210.77m37.3%843
79Robot: Part TwoSat4 Jan 19755:32pm00:25:0010.70m5317
80Planet of the Daleks: Episode TwoSat14 Apr 19735:53pm00:24:0810.70m18
81Genesis of the Daleks: Part OneSat8 Mar 19755:30pm00:24:2010.70m23
82The Face of Evil: Part OneSat1 Jan 19776:22pm00:24:5810.70m6123
83The Time Warrior: Part FourSat5 Jan 19745:29pm00:24:5710.60m6022
84The Masque of Mandragora: Part FourSat25 Sep 19766:12pm00:24:4510.60m5623
85Journey's EndSat5 Jul 20086:40pm01:03:0510.57m48.7%911
86Genesis of the Daleks: Part TwoSat15 Mar 19755:30pm00:24:5110.50m5715
87The Space MuseumSat24 Apr 19655:41pm00:23:3810.50m6116
88The Crusade: The LionSat27 Mar 19655:42pm00:24:5610.50m5116
89The Sontaran Experiment: Part TwoSat1 Mar 19755:30pm00:24:2710.50m5517
90Death to the Daleks: Part ThreeSat9 Mar 19745:30pm00:24:2410.50m6120
91The Hand Of Fear: Part OneSat2 Oct 19766:11pm00:24:5010.50m24
92Pyramids of Mars: Part OneSat25 Oct 19755:47pm00:25:2210.50m28
93Planet of Evil: Part OneSat27 Sep 19755:45pm00:24:0210.40m5619
94The Keys of Marinus: The Snows of TerrorSat2 May 19645:29pm00:24:5410.40m6020
95The Edge of DestructionSat8 Feb 19645:15pm00:25:0410.40m6121
96Marco Polo: Assassin at PekingSat4 Apr 19645:30pm00:24:4810.40m5922
97The Daleks: The RescueSat1 Feb 19645:17pm00:22:2410.40m6525
98The Horns of Nimon: Part FourSat12 Jan 19806:06pm00:26:4510.40m6726
99Day of the Daleks: Episode TwoSat8 Jan 19725:53pm00:23:5210.40m29
100The Daleks: The OrdealSat25 Jan 19645:15pm00:26:1410.40m6329