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On This Day (USA) - 3 October

The Lenny Henry Show: 3rd October 1985 premiered on BBC One in 1985 at 8:30pm BST

A programme revealing the new Doctor Who, and the old Frank Sinatra. Thrill to romance, villainy, sport, drama, guppies. (There must be some mistake. Ed.) (No there isn't. Bert.) starring Lenny Henry with special guests Loose Ends and Kathryn Apanowicz, Norman Beaton, Robbie Coltrane , Lee Cornes, Brian Croucher, Dawn French, Steve Nallon, Jadie Rivasivor Salter, Paula Tilbrook, also Robert Bathurst, Lyndam Gregory Carla Mendonca, Madeleine Newbury.

Sky: Episode One premiered on CBBC in 2011 at 5:20pm BST, watched by 0.53 million viewers.

Heroes of Sontar: Episode 2 premiered on Radio 4 Extra in 2015 at 6:00pm BST

2/2 The Time Lord is on the planet Samur, with three enemies after him.

Under the Lake premiered on BBC One in 2015 at 8:26pm BST, watched by 5.63 million viewers.

The Doctor and Clara step in to defend the terrified crew of an underwater base when it comes under attack - but what is the nature of the dark forces that lie behind the threat?

Under the Lake premiered on BBC America in 2015 at 9:00pm EDT, watched by 0.99 million viewers.

Part 1. When an Underwater Base comes under attack, the Doctor and Clara must save the frightened crew and defeat an impossible threat. But what is behind these terrifying events? And can they really be haunted by Ghosts?