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Episode TitleDateTimeLengthRatingShareAI⇩ Chart
1Full Circle: Part TwoSat1 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:113.70m170
2State of Decay: Part ThreeSat6 Dec 19805:40pm00:24:134.40m145
3Meglos: Part TwoSat4 Oct 19806:17pm00:21:244.20m64139
4State of Decay: Part TwoSat29 Nov 19805:41pm00:23:165.30m136
5Meglos: Part ThreeSat11 Oct 19805:42pm00:21:194.70m129
6Meglos: Part FourSat18 Oct 19805:44pm00:19:304.70m63127
7Full Circle: Part FourSat15 Nov 19805:40pm00:24:165.50m65127
8State of Decay: Part FourSat13 Dec 19805:39pm00:24:545.40m69125
9State of Decay: Part OneSat22 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:245.80m119
10Frontios: Part TwoFri27 Jan 19846:41pm00:24:355.80m69115
11Full Circle: Part ThreeSat8 Nov 19805:42pm00:22:005.90m115
12An Unearthly ChildSat23 Nov 19635:16pm00:23:104.40m63114
13The Keeper of Traken: Part ThreeSat14 Feb 19815:09pm00:23:495.20m112
14Frontios: Part FourFri3 Feb 19846:41pm00:24:265.60m65112
15The Leisure Hive: Part FourSat20 Sep 19806:15pm00:21:194.50m65111
16The Leisure Hive: Part ThreeSat13 Sep 19805:57pm00:21:215.00m111
17The Mark of the Rani: Part OneSat2 Feb 19855:21pm00:45:016.30m64111
18Vengeance on Varos: Part OneSat19 Jan 19855:21pm00:44:427.20m63110
19The Smugglers: Episode 4Sat1 Oct 19665:51pm00:23:374.50m43109
20The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part ThreeWed28 Dec 19887:39pm00:24:304.80m69108
21Vengeance on Varos: Part TwoSat26 Jan 19855:21pm00:44:437.00m65108
22The King's Demons: Part OneTue15 Mar 19836:55pm00:24:485.80m65107
23Full Circle: Part OneSat25 Oct 19805:40pm00:24:235.90m106
24The Keeper of Traken: Part TwoSat7 Feb 19815:08pm00:24:506.10m106
25Meglos: Part OneSat27 Sep 19806:16pm00:24:435.00m61105
26The Curse of Fenric: Part ThreeWed8 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:114.00m68104
27The Curse of Fenric: Part TwoWed1 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:094.00m68104
28Ghost Light: Part ThreeWed18 Oct 19897:35pm00:24:174.00m64104
29The Curse of Fenric: Part FourWed15 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:164.20m68104
30The Curse of Fenric: Part OneWed25 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:234.30m67104
31The Happiness Patrol: Part TwoWed9 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:484.60m65104
32Attack of the Cybermen: Part TwoSat12 Jan 19855:22pm00:44:297.20m65104
33The Leisure Hive: Part TwoSat6 Sep 19806:20pm00:20:455.00m103
34The Keeper of Traken: Part FourSat21 Feb 19815:12pm00:25:116.10m63103
35Mawdryn Undead: Part OneTue1 Feb 19836:50pm00:24:036.50m67103
36Battlefield: Part OneWed6 Sep 19897:35pm00:24:063.10m69102
37The Ark: The Steel SkySat5 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:005.50m55102
38Logopolis: Part ThreeSat14 Mar 19815:11pm00:24:325.80m102
39Planet of Fire: Part TwoFri24 Feb 19846:41pm00:24:206.10m102
40The Horns of Nimon: Part OneSat22 Dec 19796:11pm00:25:416.00m100
41The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part TwoWed21 Dec 19887:35pm00:24:205.30m6699
42Enlightenment: Part ThreeTue8 Mar 19836:54pm00:24:406.20m6899
43The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Mysterious Planet): Part ThreeSat20 Sep 19865:47pm00:24:183.90m7098
44The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Ultimate Foe): Part ThirteenSat29 Nov 19865:19pm00:24:424.40m6998
45Silver Nemesis: Part ThreeWed7 Dec 19887:34pm00:24:365.20m7098
46The Space Pirates: Episode SixSat12 Apr 19695:14pm00:24:265.30m5298
47The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Mysterious Planet): Part FourSat27 Sep 19865:46pm00:24:203.70m7297
48Logopolis: Part FourSat21 Mar 19815:09pm00:25:106.10m6597
49Terminus: Part ThreeTue22 Feb 19836:54pm00:24:396.50m6497
50The War Games: Episode EightSat7 Jun 19695:14pm00:24:373.50m5396
51Dragonfire: Part TwoMon30 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:404.00m6196
52The Smugglers: Episode 3Sat24 Sep 19665:49pm00:23:554.20m4396
53The Smugglers: Episode 1Sat10 Sep 19665:49pm00:24:364.30m4796
54Survival: Part TwoWed29 Nov 19897:35pm00:24:134.80m6996
55Remembrance of the Daleks: Part FourWed26 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:365.00m7296
56The Happiness Patrol: Part OneWed2 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:515.30m6796
57The Space Pirates: Episode OneSat8 Mar 19695:15pm00:24:115.80m5796
58The Massacre: The Sea BeggarSat12 Feb 19665:15pm00:24:436.00m5296
59Battlefield: Part ThreeWed20 Sep 19897:35pm00:24:133.60m6795
60Snakedance: Part OneTue18 Jan 19836:50pm00:24:266.70m6595
61Ghost Light: Part OneWed4 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:174.20m6894
62Dragonfire: Part ThreeMon7 Dec 19877:35pm00:24:264.70m6494
63Silver Nemesis: Part TwoWed30 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:125.20m7094
64The Massacre: Bell of DoomSat26 Feb 19665:15pm00:25:065.80m5394
65Ghost Light: Part TwoWed11 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:184.00m6893
66The Savages: Episode 4Sat18 Jun 19665:35pm00:24:414.50m4893
67The Trial Of A Time Lord (Terror of the Vervoids): Part TenSat8 Nov 19865:45pm00:24:184.60m6993
68Paradise Towers: Part FourMon26 Oct 19877:35pm00:24:215.00m5793
69Delta and the Bannermen: Part TwoMon9 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:235.10m6093
70Warriors' Gate: Part TwoSat10 Jan 19815:09pm00:23:476.70m93
71The Armageddon Factor: Part OneSat20 Jan 19796:25pm00:24:397.50m6593
72The Massacre: Priest of DeathSat19 Feb 19665:15pm00:24:335.90m4992
73The Two Doctors: Part OneSat16 Feb 19855:22pm00:44:226.60m6592
74Battlefield: Part TwoWed13 Sep 19897:34pm00:24:073.90m6891
75The War Games: Episode NineSat14 Jun 19695:14pm00:24:344.10m5791
76The War Games: Episode SixSat24 May 19695:15pm00:22:534.20m5391
77Survival: Part ThreeWed6 Dec 19897:35pm00:24:205.00m7191
78Remembrance of the Daleks: Part ThreeWed19 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:305.10m7091
79Delta and the Bannermen: Part OneMon2 Nov 19877:34pm00:24:475.30m6390
80The Two Doctors: Part TwoSat23 Feb 19855:21pm00:44:496.00m6290
81Battlefield: Part FourWed27 Sep 19897:34pm00:24:144.00m6589
82Survival: Part OneWed22 Nov 19897:35pm00:24:145.00m6989
83The Trial Of A Time Lord (Terror of the Vervoids): Part TwelveSat22 Nov 19865:45pm00:24:455.20m6989
84Enlightenment: Part OneTue1 Mar 19836:55pm00:24:126.60m6789
85The Time Warrior: Part ThreeSat29 Dec 19735:10pm00:23:306.60m89
86The Enemy of the World: Episode 1Sat23 Dec 19675:25pm00:23:456.80m5089
87The Highlanders: Episode 2Sat24 Dec 19665:50pm00:23:416.80m4689
88Arc of Infinity: Part ThreeTue11 Jan 19836:51pm00:24:376.90m6789
89Paradise Towers: Part OneMon5 Oct 19877:34pm00:24:334.50m6188
90The Happiness Patrol: Part ThreeWed16 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:255.30m6588
91The War Games: Episode OneSat19 Apr 19695:14pm00:25:005.50m5588
92Warriors' Gate: Part OneSat3 Jan 19815:20pm00:22:547.10m5988
93The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part SixSat11 Oct 19865:45pm00:24:454.60m6987
94The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part SevenSat18 Oct 19865:47pm00:24:335.10m6687
95The War Games: Episode FiveSat17 May 19695:14pm00:24:305.10m5387
96Delta and the Bannermen: Part ThreeMon16 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:225.40m6087
97Warriors of the Deep: Part FourFri13 Jan 19846:40pm00:24:486.60m6587
98Time and the Rani: Part FourMon28 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:384.90m5986
99The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part OneWed14 Dec 19887:34pm00:24:235.00m6886
100The Trial Of A Time Lord (Terror of the Vervoids): Part ElevenSat15 Nov 19865:46pm00:24:075.30m6986