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⇩ Episode TitleDateTimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
1The Dalek Invasion of Earth: World's EndSat21 Nov 19645:40pm00:23:4211.40m6312
2World War ThreeSat23 Apr 20057:01pm00:40:407.98m40.2%8120
3World Enough And TimeSat24 Jun 20176:45pm00:45:415.00m28.2%8521
4The Massacre: War of GodSat5 Feb 19665:15pm00:24:518.00m5245
5Voyage of the DamnedTue25 Dec 20076:51pm01:11:5013.31m51.6%852
6The Daleks' Master Plan: VolcanoSat1 Jan 19665:51pm00:24:429.60m4931
7Vincent and the DoctorSat5 Jun 20106:41pm00:46:056.76m35.5%8617
8Victory of the DaleksSat17 Apr 20106:29pm00:41:157.82m37.4%8411
9UtopiaSat16 Jun 20077:15pm00:45:507.84m38.2%8714
10Under the LakeSat3 Oct 20158:26pm00:43:205.63m22.0%8422
11The Ice Warriors: TwoSat18 Nov 19675:24pm00:24:167.10m5271
12Twice Upon A TimeMon25 Dec 20175:28pm00:59:507.92m34.0%819
13Turn LeftSat21 Jun 20086:38pm00:49:258.09m38.1%884
14Galaxy 4: Trap of SteelSat18 Sep 19655:50pm00:24:519.50m5422
15Tooth and ClawSat22 Apr 20067:18pm00:44:309.24m42.9%8310
16Time HeistSat20 Sep 20147:33pm00:45:226.99m29.6%8414
17The Ice Warriors: ThreeSat25 Nov 19675:25pm00:23:587.40m5164
18Thin IceSat29 Apr 20177:23pm00:44:105.61m26.5%8425
19The Zygon InversionSat7 Nov 20158:00pm00:46:206.03m25.1%8424
20The Zygon InvasionSat31 Oct 20158:17pm00:46:305.76m24.3%8224
21The Web Planet: The ZarbiSat20 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:2012.50m5312
22The Woman Who LivedSat24 Oct 20158:21pm00:45:506.11m24.4%8125
23The Woman Who Fell to EarthSun7 Oct 20186:45pm01:03:0410.96m45.1%831
24The WitchfindersSun25 Nov 20186:30pm00:46:317.21m31.5%8117
25The Witch's FamiliarSat26 Sep 20157:45pm00:47:505.71m22.9%8324
26The Crusade: The Wheel of FortuneSat10 Apr 19655:41pm00:24:519.00m4932
27The Wedding of River SongSat1 Oct 20117:05pm00:45:227.67m32.0%8616
28The Web PlanetSat13 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:5713.50m567
29The Waters of MarsSun15 Nov 20096:59pm01:02:0510.32m35.3%885
30The Time Meddler: The WatcherSat3 Jul 19656:54pm00:24:058.90m5715
31The Aztecs: The Warriors of DeathSat30 May 19645:16pm00:24:117.40m6234
32The Crusade: The WarlordsSat17 Apr 19655:40pm00:23:409.50m4927
33Marco Polo: The Wall of LiesSat14 Mar 19645:15pm00:24:489.90m6031
34The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The Waking AllySat19 Dec 19645:40pm00:24:2911.40m5818
35The Keys of Marinus: The Velvet WebSat18 Apr 19645:31pm00:25:379.40m6025
36The Vampires of VeniceSat8 May 20105:59pm00:47:257.68m34.8%8612
37The Sensorites: The Unwilling WarriorsSat27 Jun 19645:40pm00:24:446.90m5939
38The Unquiet DeadSat9 Apr 20057:00pm00:44:508.86m37.8%8015
39The Unicorn and the WaspSat17 May 20086:58pm00:44:408.41m37.8%867
40The Reign Of Terror: The Tyrant of FranceSat29 Aug 19645:15pm00:24:466.40m5336
41The TV MovieMon27 May 19968:29pm01:24:399.08m36.0%7517
42The Tsuranga ConundrumSun4 Nov 20186:59pm00:50:417.76m33.0%796
43The Daleks' Master Plan: The TraitorsSat4 Dec 19655:50pm00:24:429.50m5134
44The Timeless ChildrenSun1 Mar 20206:53pm01:05:454.69m21.5%8230
45The Time of the DoctorWed25 Dec 20137:30pm01:01:0011.14m35.3%833
46The Time of AngelsSat24 Apr 20106:23pm00:40:558.59m41.2%878
47The Aztecs: The Temple of EvilSat23 May 19645:16pm00:23:567.40m6225
48The Daleks: The SurvivorsSat28 Dec 19635:15pm00:24:276.40m5878
49The Stolen EarthSat28 Jun 20087:11pm00:45:408.78m42.1%912
50The Ark: The Steel SkySat5 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:005.50m55102
51The Space MuseumSat24 Apr 19655:41pm00:23:3810.50m6116
52The Sound of DrumsSat23 Jun 20077:15pm00:46:107.51m40.0%8711
53The Sontaran StratagemSat26 Apr 20086:19pm00:44:307.06m36.9%8717
54The Keys of Marinus: The Snows of TerrorSat2 May 19645:29pm00:24:5410.40m6020
55The SnowmenTue25 Dec 20125:14pm00:59:449.87m38.8%879
56The Romans: The Slave TradersSat16 Jan 19655:40pm00:24:1413.00m537
57Marco Polo: The Singing SandsSat29 Feb 19645:15pm00:26:349.40m6233
58The Shakespeare CodeSat7 Apr 20076:59pm00:45:357.23m36.9%8714
59The Space Museum: The SearchSat8 May 19656:00pm00:23:338.50m5622
60The Keys of Marinus: The Sea of DeathSat11 Apr 19645:31pm00:23:209.90m6222
61The Massacre: The Sea BeggarSat12 Feb 19665:15pm00:24:436.00m5296
62The Keys of Marinus: The Screaming JungleSat25 Apr 19645:29pm00:23:459.90m6122
63The Satan PitSat10 Jun 20067:01pm00:47:106.08m38.0%8619
64The Runaway BrideMon25 Dec 20067:00pm01:00:009.38m37.9%8410
65Marco Polo: The Roof of the WorldSat22 Feb 19645:15pm00:24:129.40m6333
66The Rings of AkhatenSat6 Apr 20136:15pm00:43:447.45m34.8%8416
67The Return Of Doctor MysterioSun25 Dec 20165:44pm01:00:257.83m31.2%829
68The Ark: The ReturnSat19 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:196.20m5185
69The Daleks: The RescueSat1 Feb 19645:17pm00:22:2410.40m6525
70The Rebel FleshSat21 May 20116:45pm00:43:197.35m34.1%8513
71The Pyramid At The End Of The WorldSat27 May 20177:51pm00:46:045.79m24.9%8214
72The Rescue: The Powerful EnemySat2 Jan 19655:40pm00:26:1512.00m5711
73The Power Of ThreeSat22 Sep 20127:31pm00:41:157.67m31.8%8713
74The Poison SkySat3 May 20086:19pm00:44:406.53m34.3%8818
75The Chase: The Planet of DecisionSat26 Jun 19655:40pm00:26:299.50m577
76The Ark: The PlagueSat12 Mar 19665:15pm00:25:006.90m5670
77The PilotSat15 Apr 20177:21pm00:49:406.68m30.6%8310
78The Parting of the WaysSat18 Jun 20056:59pm00:45:306.91m44.0%8917
79The Pandorica OpensSat19 Jun 20106:39pm00:48:407.58m37.1%8810
80The Daleks: The OrdealSat25 Jan 19645:15pm00:26:1410.40m6329
81The Gunfighters: The O.K. CorralSat21 May 19665:51pm00:23:535.70m3060
82The Daleks' Master Plan: The Nightmare BeginsSat13 Nov 19655:50pm00:22:559.10m5435
83The Next DoctorThu25 Dec 20086:00pm01:00:4013.10m52.1%862
84The Name of the DoctorSat18 May 20136:59pm00:44:207.45m31.7%8810
85The Time Meddler: The Meddling MonkSat10 Jul 19655:39pm00:25:178.80m4919
86The Magician's ApprenticeSat19 Sep 20157:43pm00:46:226.54m26.3%8413
87The Long GameSat7 May 20057:00pm00:44:258.01m40.4%8117
88The LodgerSat12 Jun 20106:47pm00:41:156.44m28.5%8720
89The Crusade: The LionSat27 Mar 19655:42pm00:24:5610.50m5116
90The Lie Of The LandSat3 Jun 20177:38pm00:44:384.82m20.3%8230
91The Lazarus ExperimentSat5 May 20077:00pm00:43:007.19m38.8%8612
92The Crusade: The Knight of JaffaSat3 Apr 19655:42pm00:23:288.50m5029
93The Keys of MarinusSat16 May 19645:17pm00:25:116.90m6343
94The Impossible PlanetSat3 Jun 20067:00pm00:45:206.32m41.0%8518
95The Impossible AstronautSat23 Apr 20116:01pm00:43:458.86m43.3%886
96The Idiot's LanternSat27 May 20067:00pm00:45:106.76m33.4%8418
97The Husbands of River SongFri25 Dec 20155:17pm00:56:097.69m33.9%828
98The Hungry EarthSat22 May 20106:18pm00:42:506.49m39.8%8619
99The Haunting Of Villa DiodatiSun16 Feb 20207:10pm00:49:415.07m22.9%8031
100The Celestial Toymaker: The Hall of DollsSat9 Apr 19665:50pm00:24:458.00m4949