Gypsie Kemp

Last updated 09 January 2020

Gypsie Kemp (1945-2015)
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Sarah Kemp neé Gypsy Kemp

Born: 1945
Died: Friday 9th January 2015 (age: 70)


Sarah Kemp was best known from the long-running Australian television series Sons and Daughters, in which she played the character Charlie Bartlett between 1982 and 1987.

Born as Gypsy Kemp, when living in the UK she appeared in a number of programmes, often credited as Gypsie Kemp. As well as her appearance in Day of the Daleks, she also had roles in diverse shows such as Z Cars, Shoestring, Happy Ever After and The Benny Hill Show. In Australia she changed her name to Sarah before her long stint in Sons and Daughters; other appearances included G.P. and the tv movie Mercy Mission: The Rescue of Flight 771.

She died in Bellingen Hospital, New South Wales, following a long battle with lung cancer.

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