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Lisa Daniely

Last updated 09 January 2020

Lisa Daniely (1929-2014)
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Elizabeth Bodington

Born: Tuesday 4th June 1929
Died: Friday 24th January 2014 (age: 84)


Lisa Daniely was a British actress on TV and in occasional films. She played Madeleine Issigri in the 1969 story The Space Pirates.

Daniely made her debut in the 1950 film Lilli Marlene in the title role. In the 1952 film Hindle Wakes she played Jenny Hawthorn. Her most memorable TV role was as Diane Brady, the sister of Peter Brady, in the 1958 TV series version of HG Wells' The Invisible Man.

Other appearances on various TV programmes included The Saint, Danger Man, Strange Report, The Protectors, Van Der Valk and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

In 1996, she portrayed Queen Elizabeth II in the TV film Princess In Love.

In 2007, Daniely provided background commentary to several episodes of The Invisible Man that were released by Network DVD, along with former co-star Deborah Watling.