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Susie Liggat

Last updated 05 March 2013

Susie Liggat


Susie Liggat is a British television producer. Her career had predominantly been as a first assistant director, in which capacity she worked on popular series such as TeachersBlack Books, and Casanova, until she became a producer in 2006. She produced Invasion of the Bane, the pilot episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, a spin-off from Doctor Who, on which she had worked as a first assistant director.

During the production of the third series of Doctor Who, Liggat produced one filming block (the two-parter "Human Nature"/"The Family of Blood") as holiday relief for regular producer Phil Collinson. Liggat produced five episodes of thefourth series: "Planet of the Ood", "The Sontaran Strategem", "The Poison Sky", "The Unicorn and the Wasp" and "Turn Left". She also produced the 2008 Christmas special, entitled "The Next Doctor". Most recently she has produced 'Blood and Oil' for BBC2 - a 2 x 90 min drama set in the Nigerian delta Oil fields.