Keff McCulloch

Last updated 05 March 2013

Keff McCulloch


Keff McCulloch is a British composer

In 1987 he created the Doctor Who theme music for the Seventh DoctorSylvester McCoy. The theme, drawing on the original by Ron Grainer/Delia Derbyshire lasted for three years until the series was cancelled by the BBC in 1989. The new theme music was accompanied with new titles and logo. Keff McCulloch also contributed incidental music scores to six stories during the McCoy era, namely; Time and the Rani;Paradise TowersDelta and the BannermenRemembrance of the DaleksSilver NemesisBattlefield; and also the later Dimensions in Time and Shada.

McCulloch also played a role on screen as one of the Lorells (a backing group) in Delta and the Bannermen (1987).

Alongside his work on Doctor Who, McCulloch was a musician and sound engineer, touring with many bands and engineering and producing singles and albums for artistes including Acker BilkJohnny Logan and Russ Abbot. He also composed and recorded the incidental music for the video release of the film White Mischief.