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Michael D Nye

Last updated 05 March 2013

Michael D Nye


Michael D Nye played a Sick Man in the Torchwood story Escape to LA.

Nye is probably best known for playing the assistant principal in High School High, and for his role as "Pa", a recurring character on Carniv├ále. Besides Heroes,  Nye  has starred in several other productions including House M.D., Head Cases, The Grubbs, Big Love, and Priest. 

Additionally,  Nye has written, directed, and produced Night Tour and Grave Images, both independent films. He also directed the pilot Comedy on a Roll. Michael is a founding member of the Film Artists Network, and was a member of the Groundlings. His improvisation work has also led him to co-found the troupes Mockingbird, Loose Cannons, and Spontaneous Solutions.