Beth Goddard

Last updated 27 July 2014

Beth Goddard
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Elizabeth Jane Goddard

Born: 1969 (age: 54)

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Beth Goddard is a British actress.

She grew up in Clacton-on-SeaEssex and attended Clacton County High School and the Rose Bruford College in SidcupKent, from 1986 to 1989.

She met her husband, Philip Glenister, best known for his role as Gene Hunt in TV drama Life on Mars, whilst filming the BBC comedy series Roger Roger in 1996.

Goddard played Belinda Ashton in the ITV detective drama Lewis, broadcast in March 2008. Goddard also starred as Suze Littlewood in the comedy Gimme Gimme Gimme. She appeared alongside her husband in the BBC One drama Ashes to Ashes.

One of her first television roles was as unscrupulous yellow journalist Clare Moody in a 1994 episode of the ITV drama Cracker. Her character was involved in reporting on the crimes committed by serial killer Albie Kinsella (Robert Carlyle), who targeted her for supposedly writing the controversial TRUTH page about the Hillsborough disaster and showing no remorse for it, even continuing to use fabricated information to print stories for more profit. Albie ultimately killed her character with a letter bomb.