David Stock

Last updated 14 March 2013

David Stock has worked on
Doctor Who 12 episodes

Acting Credits
2006Rise of the Cybermen (uncredited)Groundsman
2007Evolution of the Daleks (uncredited)Human Dalek
Voyage of the Damned (uncredited)Croupier
2008Planet of the Ood (uncredited)Ood
The Next Doctor (uncredited)Passer
2009Planet of the Dead (uncredited)Police Driver E
2010The End of Time: Part Two (uncredited)Best Man
2011The Rebel Flesh (uncredited)Corporate
Let's Kill Hitler (uncredited)Soldier
The Wedding of River Song (uncredited)Spectator
2012Asylum of the Daleks (uncredited)Photographer
2013The Bells of Saint John (uncredited)Cloud Worker