Scott Fisher

Last updated 01 April 2014

Scott Fisher has worked on
Doctor Who 33 episodes
Torchwood 3 episodes

Production Credits
2006Torchwood: Everything ChangesConstruction Chargehand
Torchwood: Day OneConstruction Chargehand
Torchwood: Ghost MachineConstruction Chargehand
2007Human NatureConstruction Chargehand
BlinkConstruction Chargehand
The Sound of DrumsConstruction Chargehand
2008The Fires of PompeiiConstruction Chargehand
The Unicorn and the WaspConstruction Chargehand
2010The Eleventh HourConstruction Chargehand
The Beast BelowConstruction Chargehand
Victory of the DaleksConstruction Chargehand
The Time of AngelsConstruction Chargehand
Flesh and StoneConstruction Chargehand
The Vampires of VeniceConstruction Chargehand
Amy's ChoiceConstruction Chargehand
The Hungry EarthConstruction Chargehand
Cold BloodConstruction Chargehand
Vincent and the DoctorConstruction Chargehand
The LodgerConstruction Chargehand
The Pandorica OpensConstruction Chargehand
The Big BangConstruction Chargehand
A Christmas CarolConstruction Chargehand
2011The Impossible AstronautConstruction Chargehand
Day of the MoonConstruction Chargehand
The Curse of the Black SpotConstruction Chargehand
The Doctor's WifeConstruction Chargehand
The Rebel FleshConstruction Chargehand
The Almost PeopleConstruction Chargehand
A Good Man Goes to WarConstruction Chargehand
Let's Kill HitlerConstruction Chargehand
Night TerrorsConstruction Chargehand
The Girl Who WaitedConstruction Chargehand
The God ComplexConstruction Chargehand
Closing TimeConstruction Chargehand
The Wedding of River SongConstruction Chargehand
The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeConstruction Manager