Tristan Peatfield

Last updated 30 August 2013

Tristan Peatfield

Trust Fund

Tristan Peatfield was production designer on Doctor Who for the 2010 stories  Amy's Choice and The Lodger.

Prior to this he was credited with a variety of other positions, including set decorator and standby art director. The first episode on which he received a credit was The Runaway Bride and he was sporadically credited until Voyage of the Damned. He was next credited on The Vampires of Venice. 

Between these efforts, he was a longtime production designer on The Bill.

Also worked on Merlin, The Secret Laughter of Women, Picking up the Pieces, Touching Evil, Fathers, Sons and Unholy Ghosts, Blue Juice, The Tomorrow People.

Peatfield's daughter Isabella died on Boxing Day 2004, the youngest British victim of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. After she died, friends and family, started a fund in her memory, to help children in Sri Lanka affected by the Tsunami, ill health or poverty.