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Nathan Landeg

Last updated 09 December 2013

Nathan Landeg has worked on
Factual 39 episodes

Production Credits
2006Factual: Music and MonstersDoctor Who Confidential Production Team
2007Factual: Meet Martha JonesResearcher
Factual: Stage FrightResearcher
Factual: Are We There Yet?Researcher
Factual: A New York StoryResearcher
Factual: Making ManhattanResearcher
Factual: Monsters IncResearcher
Factual: Space CraftResearcher
Factual: Alter EgoResearcher
Factual: Bad BloodResearcher
Factual: Do You Remember the First Time?Researcher
Factual: 'Ello 'Ello 'ElloResearcher
Factual: The Saxon MysteryResearcher
Factual: The Valiant QuestResearcher
Factual: Kylie SpecialResearcher
2008Factual: A Noble ReturnResearcher
Factual: The Italian JobResearcher
Factual: Oods and EndsResearcher
Factual: Send in the ClonesResearcher
Factual: Sontar-Ha!Researcher
Factual: Sins of the FathersEdit Producer
Factual: NemesisResearcher
Factual: Shadow PlayResearcher
Factual: River Runs DeepResearcher
Factual: Look Who's TalkingResearcher
Factual: Here Come the GirlsResearcher
Factual: Friends and FoeResearcher
Factual: The End of an EraResearcher
2010Factual: A Brush with GeniusEdit Producer
Factual: Extra TimeEdit Producer
Factual: Alien AbductionEdit Producer
2011Factual: Ship Ahoy!Edit Producer
Factual: Heartbreak HotelEdit Producer
2013Factual: The CompanionsDirector
Factual: The Sixth DoctorEdit Producer
Factual: The Eleventh DoctorEdit Producer
Factual: Tales from the TARDISEdit Producer
2014Factual: Doctor Who: The Ultimate CompanionDirector
Factual: Doctor Who: The Ultimate Time LordProducer