Last updated 23 April 2017

Friends and Foe

Series Episode Number: 66

World Premiere: Sat 28 Jun 2008 - 8:00pm BST [BBC Three] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Sat 24 Apr 2010 - 8:46pm CDT [Houston Public Media]
Running Time: 45 minutes

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This episode goes behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth

With The Doctor's oldest adversaries back and badder than ever, a look inside the dark and deadly world of the Daleks. From their creation 45 years ago to their latest incarnation, the lid is lifted on TV's most popular aliens.

Learn what first inspired the iconic Dalek design, see how they are brought so terrifyingly to life, and discover just what Daleks get up to between takes when they're not conquering the universe.

With exclusive interviews from David Tennant, Russell T Davies, director Graeme Harper, art director Ed Thomas and original Dalek designer Ray Cusick, Confidential gets the inside story on the grand designs that make this show look so good.

Plus, as all the different Doctor Who worlds collide, the biggest ever collection of companions are quizzed on what it's been like teaming up to take on the evil exterminators.

Production Team
Camera OperatorAndy Clifford
Camera OperatorJames Daniels
Camera OperatorDewi Davies
Camera OperatorEric Huyton
Camera OperatorAled Jenkins
Camera OperatorAndy Smith
SoundRob Craig
SoundSteve Hoy
SoundRoger Van Koningsveld
SoundKevin Meredith
SoundBrian Murrell
SoundWil Planitzer
SoundJon Thomas
RunnerPoppy Chandler
RunnerScott Handcock
RunnerStuart Laws
RunnerRobert Wootton
Edit AssistantSam Jones
ResearcherIan Hay
ResearcherNathan Landeg
Assistant ProducerPaul Giddings
Assistant ProducerPaul Symonds
Assistant ProducerHannah Williams
Production Team AssistantAmanda Buckley
Production Team AssistantRachel Evans
Production AccountantElaine Stephenson
Production Co-ordinatorTors Grantham
Production ManagerKirsty Reid
Production ExecutivePaul Williams
EditorJohn Parker
ColouristJon Everett
Dubbing MixerMark Ferda
Edit ProducerDonovan Keogh
Executive ProducerMark Cossey
Executive Producer for Dr WhoRussell T Davies
Executive Producer for Dr WhoJulie Gardner
ProducerZoƫ Rushton
Series ProducerGillane Seaborne