Barbara Clegg

Last updated 09 March 2013

Barbara Clegg


Barbara Clegg is a British actress and scriptwriter for television and radio. 

She wrote the 1983 Doctor Who serial Enlightenment and created the basic concept behind The Lost Stories audios, Point of Entry and The Elite.

Clegg started out acting in the theatre before moving into film and television with roles in Emergency Ward 10 and The Dream Maker. She then started writing scripts and in 1961 contributed seven scripts for the television soap opera Coronation Street.

After writing for several radio and television serials, including for Crossroads and a radio dramatisation of The Chrysalids, Clegg was asked to submit ideas for Doctor Who in 1981. Her storyline, titled The Enlighteners, involved a space-bound race using anachronistic sailing ships. Doctor Who script editor Eric Saward decided to use Clegg's story as the last part of a trilogy of three stories, known informally as the Black Guardian Trilogy, as it involved the return of the Black Guardian.