Laurie Goode

Last updated 29 May 2014

Laurence Philip Goode

Born: 1946 (age: 77)


Laurie Goode was born in Windsor 

In his late teens, as Laurie mastered the guitar, he became involved in photographic modelling. For a period exceeding two years, his photos appeared in numerous publications.

 Feature parts in TV commercials followed, but a career in music was his main interest.

He teamed up with London band Uproar. It was at this time he undertook his first speaking roles for film/TV directors John Dexter and Viktors Ritelis.

He wrote two plays for David McGillivrays' company The Entertainment Machine. Both plays were performed at the that The Edinburgh Festival. He has also written for Mick Carling's video company UXB and The Beat.