Clem So

Last updated 25 May 2017

Clem So
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Clem So

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Clem So is an actor and supporting artist who has gone on to build invaluable experience in the film industry having worked on over 25 major feature films to date and numerous TV shows. In the last 5 years he has become a featured and in demand face, having appeared in 10 episodes of Doctor Who to date, notably as the Mandarin Clockwork Droid in Peter Capaldi’s first episode as the Doctor, Deep Breath and more recently as one of the space Corpse on the Chasm Forge in Series 10, Oxygen.  Other appearances include a Kyln prisoner in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, a crime boss in James Bond Spectre, a resistance fighter in Star Wars VII  The Force Awakens and more recently as one of the Protectors of the Hong Kong Sanctum in Doctor Strange and an Animus patient in Assassin’s Creed

He is also an artist, and at the beginning of 2013 his work was on display at Bristol's View Art Gallery as part of the "True Identity" exhibition. Speaking on his website, he said: My work is an on going investigation into my Chinese identity, but also the feeling of loss, a numbness of something not quite there. The aim of my work is to entice you with a simultaneity of narratives and to nurture your soul with a virtual feast of visual flavours. My desire is for you to stay awhile and converse with my ancestors and perhaps reflect, reminisce about your own family connections. Where am I from? Who am I really? What are all the conditions that caused me to exist in my present form?

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