Clive Doig

Last updated 09 January 2020

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Self: Interviews[Factual]
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Vision Mixer: An Unearthly Child(uncredited); The Daleks(uncredited); The Edge of Destruction(uncredited); Marco Polo(uncredited); The Keys of Marinus(uncredited); The Aztecs(uncredited); The Sensorites(uncredited); The Reign Of Terror(uncredited); Planet of Giants(uncredited); The Dalek Invasion of Earth(uncredited); The Rescue(uncredited); The Romans(uncredited); The Web Planet(uncredited); The Space Museum(uncredited); The Chase(uncredited)
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Clive Doig
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Clive Doig

Born: Sunday 11th August 1940 (age: 83)

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Clive Doig is a former TV producer who worked as a vision mixer on Doctor Who in its early days, although he did not receive an on-screen credit.

Among the series he produced was Vision On, which was primarily for deaf children and featured Sylvester McCoy, but he also created and produced a number of children's TV shows, including the BAFTA-winning Jigsaw, which was co-presented by Janet Ellis, featured a giant floating jigaw piece voiced by John Leeson, and included McCoy in a supporting role as one of the two O-Men.

Nowadays, Doig is the Trackword puzzle compiler for listings magazine Radio Times.

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