Derrick Sherwin

Last updated 09 January 2020

Derrick Sherwin (1936-2018)
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Derrick Sherwin

Born: Thursday 16th April 1936
Died: Wednesday 17th October 2018 (age: 82)


Derrick Sherwin was a British television producer, writer, and actor, best remembered as the story editor (1968-69) and later producer (1969-70) of Doctor Who. 

He was script editor on the stories from The Web of Fear to The Mind Robber, and on the latter tale he wrote the first episode. He also wrote the script for The Invasion, which introduced the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, having adapted the original storyline supplied by Kit Pedler.

In 1968/1969 Sherwin began to take a greater role in the producing side of the series and was the unofficial Assistant Producer for the rest of the series' sixth season, with Terrance Dicks succeeding him as script-editor. On The Space Pirates Sherwin briefly resumed his old role as Dicks was busy writing The War Games. Sherwin then succeeded Peter Bryant as producer of the programme in 1969, overseeing the production of The War Games and Spearhead from Space as well as casting Jon Pertwee in the lead role on the programme. He also made a small on-screen appearance as a car park attendant in Spearhead from Space - he had formerly been an actor and was still a member of the actors' union, and dismissed the actor originally cast in the part for not being able to perform the role adequately.

After Doctor Who, Sherwin was the producer on Paul Temple, The Man Outside (1972), Ski-Boy (1973), and The Perils of Pendragon (1974). Derrick Sherwin now lives in New Zealand and owns Big D Productions.

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