Jackie Lane

Last updated 30 October 2022

Jackie Lane (1941-2021)
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Jackie Lane

Born: Thursday 10th July 1941
Died: Wednesday 23rd June 2021 (age: 79)

Jackie Lane was an English actress noted for her role as Dodo Chaplet alongside first Doctor William Hartnell.

In 1963 she was playing the part of the secretary in "Compact" when she was offered the part of the Doctor's grand-daughter, Susan, but decided that she did not want to be tied down to a year's contract. In 1966, however, having had only sporadic work in between, she accepted an offer from John Wiles, who had seen her as a Cockney character in a play, to portray Dorothea Chaplet. She played the part from February to July 1966

Lane gave up acting after her stint on Doctor Who, and went to work as a secretary in the Australian embassy in Paris. She returned to England some time later and is now head of an acting agency's voice-over department. She went on to become a theatrical agent, representing Tom Baker and Janet Fielding.

Lane was eighteen when she played the role of Dodo and is therefore the youngest female actor to have played a companion in the series - Matthew Waterhouse who played Adric in the early 1980s being the youngest male actor to have played a companion.

The actress will be played by Sophie Holt in the 50th Anniversary drama An Adventure In Space And Time.