Jane Baker

Last updated 14 April 2020

Jane Baker
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Jane Baker

Died: Monday 8th September 2014


Jane Baker, along with husband Pip, was one half off the husband and wife writing team who have written four Doctor Who television stories. They were best known for creating the character of The Rani.

The first film they worked on was "The Alibi" (1961) and from there they wrote episodes of a British-based American series called "The Pursuers" (1961-62). Other films they worked on included "The Break" (1962), "The Painted Smile", (1962) "Night of the Big Heat," (1967) and "Captain Nemo and the Underwater City" (1970). On television they have written for "The Expert" (1976), "Z Cars, Detective" (1968) and "Space: 1999 (1976) as well as three stories for DOCTOR WHO. They later worked on "Watt On Earth (1991-1992) and a German production called "Ruby."

They also collaborated on the Target novelisations for their TV stories; Jane Baker became one of only four women to be credited with writing (or co-writing) Doctor Who novelisations and the only one to be involved in more than one book of this type.