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Ken Grieve

Last updated 09 January 2020

Ken Grieve (1942-2016) - Image Credit: BBC Worldwide
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Kenneth Alan Grieve

Born: 1942
Died: Tuesday 15th November 2016 (age: 74)


Ken Grieve was born in Edinburgh, and became interested in film-making when at school. He applied to become a stage-hand in Glasgow but was taken up as a cameraman instead. Moving to Manchester he joined Granada Television, eventually moving to directing programmes such as The XYY Man and some 42 episodes of Coronation Street (including the location footage used in the opening titles between 1976 and 1990).

As well as Destiny of the Daleks for the BBC, he also directed an episode of The Omega Man and a Play for Today, Return Fare. During the 1980s and 90s he worked on included an early episode for Jeremy Brett's outing as Sherlock Holmes, The Norwood Builder, the series Game Set and Match, several episodes of Bugs, Cadfael and Peak Practice, and in the 2000s shows such as The Bill, Casualty and Law and Order: UK.

He also made a number of independent documentaries.

As well as directing he taught at the National Film School and the Manchester Film School.

He moved back to Edinburgh in later life, living In Marchmont, and had been diagnosed with cancer in recent years. He died peacefully on the 15th November 2016, and is survived by his partner Jane, four children and three grandchildren.

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