Malcolm Hulke

Last updated 09 January 2020

Malcolm Hulke (1924-1979)
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Malcolm Hulke

Born: Friday 21st November 1924
Died: Friday 6th July 1979 (age: 54)

Malcolm Hulke was a British television writer and author of the industry "bible" Writing for Television in the 70s.

His first major television work was a series of 1950s children's science fiction serials - Target Luna, Pathfinders in Space, Pathfinders to Mars, and Pathfinders to Venus - which he co-wrote with Eric Paice for the British ABC network. Hulke contributed scripts to The Avengers, The Protectors, Danger Man, Crossroads, football soap United! and Gideon's Way. 

His scripts for Doctor Who were noted for avoiding black-and-white characterisation and simplistic plotting. Military figures are usually presented unfavourably - Invasion of the Dinosaurs and The Ambassadors of Death both have a general as the ultimate villain. He also contributed to Target Books' range of Doctor Who novelisations, adapting all but one of his scripts before his death, as well as 1973's The Green Death. 

Hulke's novelisations were noted for providing a wealth of additional background detail and character depth. He was a friend and mentor to Script Editor Terrance Dicks, with whom he collaborated in 1962 on The Avengers episode "The Mauritius Penny", which was Dicks' first television credit. Together they wrote the non-fiction book The Making of Doctor Who.