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Steven Taylor

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Steven Taylor was a spaceship pilot who became a companion of the First Doctor. Though human, he did not join the TARDIS' crew on the planet Earth. Instead, he stowed away on their vessel at the planet Mechanus, shortly after Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright left the Doctor's company. He remained with the Doctor until a relatively short time before the Time Lord's first regeneration. He travelled with Vicki Pallister, Oliver Harper, Katarina, Sara Kingdom and Dodo Chaplet, though he also briefly met Ian and Barbara as well. He left the Doctor's side to help govern the planet of the savages.

Taylor was notable for being the first known male companion to travel alone with the Doctor — something that would not happen again until Jamie McCrimmon had a brief solo stint with the Second Doctor. He was also the first of a rare breed of companion: one that neither joined nor departed the TARDIS at the planet on which they were born.

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