Henry Gordon Jago

Last updated 28 March 2020

Henry Gordon Jago -
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Henry Gordon Jago

Henry Gordon Jago was the owner and Master of Ceremonies at The Palace Theatre, a position he held for over thirty years. 

In 1899, Jago employed a Chinese illusionist named Li H'sen Chang, who often used a ventriloquist dummy called Mr. Sin. Chang was actually serving a fugitive tyrant from the 51st Century named Magnus Greel and Mr. Sin was psychopathic pig cyborg. With Sino assassins on the streets and women whisked away at whim, the theatre attracted the astute attention of the Fourth Doctor and his assistant Leela. 

It was while defeating these dastardly deliverers of deviltry, that Jago met upper class pathologist, Professor George Litefoot. The two remained close friends ever since, occasionally solving mysteries, including an adventure involving an anteater and an aluminum violin.

After a few years, Jago was forced to close his theatre and MC at a far less reputable establishment. He also spent a lot of time at a pub called the Red Tavern, befriending many of its denizens, including the barmaid, Ellie Higson. In 1892, Jago and Litefoot embarked in a spate of strange investigations of infernal incidents in the paranormal. Together, they saved the Empire from bloodsucking beasts, creeping cadavers, villainous vampires, sordid specters, psychotic scientists and ambulatory automatons. Often, Jago employed his knowledge of stage illusions and contacts with London's lower classes to solve their cases. Eventually, Jago came into the ownership of The New Regency Theatre, but his investigations with Professor Litefoot continued. Leela then joins them in their adventures, having been sent by the Time Lords to discover the cause of fractures in time.