Last updated 28 March 2020

Dalek has appeared in:
7 episodes of Doctor Who
14 episodes of Big Finish

1981Logopolis: Part Four (uncredited) (from archive recording)InfoRoy Skelton
1989Stageshows: The Ultimate AdventureOliver Gray
Stageshows: The Ultimate AdventureGavin Warwick
2001Big Finish: Invasion of the DaleksNicholas Briggs
Big Finish: Invasion of the DaleksAlistair Lock
Big Finish: The Human FactorNicholas Briggs
Big Finish: The Human FactorAlistair Lock
Big Finish: Death to the Daleks!Nicholas Briggs
Big Finish: Death to the Daleks!Alistair Lock
Big Finish: Death to the Daleks!Steven Allen
Big Finish: Project InfinityRobert Lock
Big Finish: Project InfinityNicholas Briggs
Big Finish: Project InfinityAlistair Lock
Big Finish: Project InfinitySteven Allen
2003Big Finish: Chapter OneNicholas Briggs
Big Finish: Chapter Two
Big Finish: Chapter Three
Big Finish: Chapter Four
2004Big Finish: The Exterminators
Big Finish: The Healers
Big Finish: The Survivors
Big Finish: The Demons
Big Finish: The Warriors
Big Finish: The Future
2013The Day of The Doctor (as Dalek 1)Barnaby Edwards
The Day of The Doctor (as Dalek 2)Nicholas Pegg
The Time of the Doctor (uncredited)Matthew Doman
The Time of the Doctor (uncredited)Diarmuid O'Connor
The Time of the Doctor (uncredited)Mike Tucker
The Time of the Doctor (uncredited)Jon Davey
The Time of the Doctor (uncredited)Claudio Laurini
2014Into the Dalek (uncredited)Darren Swain
Into the Dalek (uncredited)Mickey Lewis
Into the Dalek (uncredited)Matthew Doman
Into the Dalek (uncredited)Richard Highgate
Into the Dalek (uncredited)Claudio Laurini
2021Revolution of the DaleksNicholas Pegg
Revolution of the DaleksBarnaby Edwards
Flux: Chapter Six: The Vanquishers (as Voice of Daleks)Nicholas Briggs
2022Eve Of The DaleksNicholas Pegg
Eve Of The DaleksBarnaby Edward