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Perkins -
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Perkins was the Chief Engineer on the space-faring Orient Express. He assisted the Twelfth Doctor in combating the Foretold, starting a timer whenever the Foretold attacked. He handed the Doctor a passenger manifest, a plan of the train and a list of stops for the previous six months. Later, he examined the history of the passengers to see if there was a pattern to the Foretold's attacks. While solving why it took the Foretold exactly sixty-six seconds to kill its victims, Perkins revealed that moving energy out of phase took "about a minute", and the Doctor realised that the Foretold had been using technology to take its victims out of phase. After the threat was over, the Doctor subtly offered him a chance to travel with him, but Perkins declined.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA