Last updated 04 May 2015

Doctor Who: A Girl's Best Friend

A Girl's Best Friend

Story Number: 1 (D300A)
No of Episodes: 1

Writer: Terence Dudley
Script Editor: Eric Saward, Antony Root
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Director: John Black

Starring: Elisabeth Sladen, John Leeson, Bill Fraser, Ian Sears, Colin Jeavons

BBC One (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Monday 28th December 1981
Running Time: 49 minutes, 56 seconds

Average Audience: 8.40 Million   

When Sarah Jane Smith arrives to visit her Aunt Lavinia she finds that her learned relative has left early for a lecture tour in America leaving her a large crate that has been waiting for Sarah for a number of years. When they open it, they discover a mechanical dog named K-9. A gift from the Doctor.

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