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10 Feb 1999

10 Feb 1999

World Premiere: Wed 10 Feb 1999 - 8:50pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
Running Time: 10 minutes

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Real-life tales of good fortune, with the live midweek National Lottery Draw as the centrepiece. This week the tale of a long-lost Doctor Who episode that turned up at a film fair in New Zealand. Presented by Carol Smillie.

Characters include uncredited
PresenterCarole Smillie
SelfFrazer Hines
SelfWilliam Russell
SelfGary Gillatt
SelfSue Malden
SelfPaul Vanezis
SelfBruce Grenville
Voice of the BallsAlan Dedicoat
Production Team
Reconstuction DirectorAnne Ross-Muir
ResearcherDebra Sobel
Production SecretaryEmma Love
Camera OperatorPaul Riley
SoundDouglas Kerr
Post Production byClear Cut Pictures
MusicJohn Harle
GraphicsKevin Hill
Production AssistantJeanne Mallins
DirectorStuart Macdonald
Series ProducerGaby Koppel