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Last updated 21 October 2020

Doctor Who: Diary of River Song: Series 1

Diary of River Song: Series 1

Release Number: 1 (BF)

Big Finish

Writer: Jenny T Colgan, Matt Fitton, James Goss, Justin Richards
Director: Ken Bentley

Featuring: Paul McGann, Alexander Vlahos, Samuel West, Alex Kingston

Big Finish Release (United Kingdom):
First Released: Friday 25th December 2015 - Thursday 31st December 2015
Running Time: 1 hour

River Song has had more than enough excitement for a while. Deciding the universe – and her husband – can look after themselves, she has immersed herself in early 20th century academia, absorbed in writing archaeological theses.

But when a mysterious tomb is found in a dry, distant land, excitement comes looking for River.

Can Professor Song stop any more members of the expedition from dying? What deadly secrets lie buried within the crypt? And will British Consul Bertie Potts prove to be a help, or a hindrance?