Ken Bentley

Last updated 14 February 2016

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Director: The Death Collectors / Spider's Shadow[BF]; Kingdom of Silver / Keepsake[BF]; Forty-Five[BF]; The Darkening Eye[BF]; The Magic Mousetrap[BF]; Enemy of the Daleks[BF]; The Angel of Scutari[BF]; Leviathan[BF]; Project: Destiny[BF]; A Death in the Family[BF]; Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge[BF]; The Children of Seth[BF]; The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories[BF]; The Four Doctors[BF]; Thin Ice[BF]; Heroes of Sontar[BF]; Crime of the Century[BF]; Kiss of Death[BF]; Rat Trap[BF]; Animal[BF]; Earth Aid[BF]; Recorded Time and Other Stories[BF]; The Doomsday Quatrain[BF]; House of Blue Fire[BF]; The Fourth Doctor Boxset[BF]; The Elite[BF]; Hexagora[BF]; The Five Companions[BF]; The Anachronauts[BF]; The Renaissance Man[BF]; The Wrath of the Iceni[BF]; The Guardians of Prophecy[BF]; Trail of the White Worm[BF]; The Jupiter Conjunction[BF]; The Butcher of Brisbane[BF]; The Oseidon Adventure[BF]; Power Play[BF]; The Rings of Ikiria[BF]; The First Sontarans[BF]; Protect and Survive[BF]; Counter-Measures: Series 1[BF]; Black and White[BF]; Project: Nirvana[BF]; Gods and Monsters[BF]; The Burning Prince[BF]; The Acheron Pulse[BF]; The Shadow Heart[BF]; Voyage to the New World[BF]; The Auntie Matter[BF]; War Against the Laan[BF]; The Scorchies[BF]; Eldrad Must Die![BF]; The Justice of Jalxar[BF]; Phantoms of the Deep[BF]; The Lady of Mercia[BF]; Prisoners of Fate[BF]; Counter-Measures: Series 2[BF]; Persuasion[BF]; Mastermind[BF]; Starlight Robbery[BF]; The Dark Planet[BF]; Daleks Among Us[BF]; Afterlife[BF]; The Mega[BF]; Moonflesh[BF]; Tomb Ship[BF]; Masquerade[BF]; Counter-Measures: Series 3[BF]; The Abandoned[BF]; Revenge of the Swarm[BF]; The Fifth Doctor Boxset[BF]; Mask of Tragedy[BF]; Domain of the Voord[BF]; Signs and Wonders[BF]; Philip Hinchcliffe Presents[BF]; The Worlds of Doctor Who[BF]; The Widow's Assassin[BF]; The Doctor's Tale[BF]; Dark Eyes: 3[BF]; The Rani Elite[BF]; An Ordinary Life[BF]; Mistfall[BF]; Equilibrium[BF]; Dark Eyes: 4[BF]; The Entropy Plague[BF]; The Well-Mannered War[BF]; Damaged Goods[BF]; Last of the Cybermen[BF]; Counter-Measures: Series 4[BF]; We Are The Daleks[BF]; Terror of the Sontarans[BF]; Criss-Cross[BF]; Doom Coalition: 1[BF]; Planet of the Rani[BF]; UNIT: Extinction[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 1[BF]; You Are the Doctor and Other Stories[BF]; The Churchill Years (Volume One)[BF]; Aquitaine[BF]; The Paradox Planet[BF]; Doom Coalition: 2[BF]; Legacy Of Death[BF]; Gallery of Ghouls[BF]; UNIT: Shutdown[BF]; A Life of Crime[BF]; Who Killed Toby Kinsella?[BF]; Fiesta Of The Damned[BF]; Philip Hinchcliffe Presents: The Genesis Chamber[BF]; Maker Of Demons[BF]; The Age of Endurance[BF]; Doom Coalition: 3[BF]; UNIT: Silenced[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 2[BF]; New Counter-Measures: Series One[BF]; Original Sin[BF]; Alien Heart / Dalek Soul[BF]; Doom Coalition: 4[BF]; UNIT: Assembled[BF]; Vortex Ice / Cortex Fire[BF]; Shadow Planet / World Apart[BF]; The High Price Of Parking[BF]; The Blood Furnace[BF]; The Skin Of The Sleek[BF]; The Silurian Candidate[BF]; The Thief Who Stole Time[BF]; The Time War[BF]; UNIT: Encounters[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 3[BF]; Ravenous 1[BF]; UNIT: Cyber-Reality[BF]; The Time War - Series 2[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 4[BF]; Ravenous 2[BF]; UNIT: Revisitations[BF]; The Hollow King[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 5[BF]; Devil In The Mist[BF]; Black Thursday / Power Game[BF]; Missy - Series One[BF]; The Kamelion Empire[BF]; Ravenous 3[BF]; UNIT: Incursions[BF]; The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 1[BF]; The Legacy of Time[BF]; Ravenous 4[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 6[BF]; The Time War - Series 3[BF]; Harry Houdini's War[BF]; The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 2[BF]; Nightmare Country[BF]; The Robots Volume One[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 7[BF]; Dark Universe[BF]; Stranded 1[BF]; Shadow of the Daleks 1; Shadow of the Daleks 2; The Blazing Hour[BF]; The End of the Beginning[BF]; Short Trips Volume 03[BF]; Short Trips Volume 01[BF]; Short Trips Volume 04[BF]; Short Trips Volume 02[BF]; The Movellan Manoeuvre[BF]; Fourth Doctor - Series 7: Volume 2[BF]; The Dalek Gambit[BF]; Philip Hinchcliffe Presents 3[BF]
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Ken Bentley

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