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Last updated 21 October 2020

Doctor Who: Diary of River Song: Series 5

Diary of River Song: Series 5

Release Number: 5 (BF)

Big Finish

Writer: Scott Handcock, Eddie Robson, Roy Gill, Jonathan Morris
Director: Ken Bentley

Featuring: Alex Kingston, Geoffrey Beevers, Eric Roberts, Sir Derek Jacobi CBE, Michelle Gomez

Big Finish Release (United Kingdom):
First Released: Thursday 31st January 2019
Running Time: 5 hours

The Doctor isn’t the only Time Lord River runs into on her travels up and down the timeline.

The Master, in all of his - or her - guises, also has a chequered history with Professor Song. And whenever they meet, it’s a close call as to who comes out on top...

It’s something River must get used to: there are three people in her marriage – at the very least!

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